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It's been a long time in coming — five years to be exact.  THE WAIT IS OVER.


Peter and his adventure began as a dream. Not just any dream. This dream was complete with time, place, characters, names of Indian tribes and most of all - the Plot.


I took that to mean that I had the makings of a novel. My intended audience was also part of the dream. The dream didn't miss anything.


So Why Did It Take So Long?
To be perfectly honest - I knew nothing about creative writing.
I had written technical reports and grant proposals. Writing a novel was light-years away from those efforts. 
The learning curve was heaven-bound and unfortunately, I'm a slow learner. What with things like character arc, world building, the difference between line and content editing, yes, indeed, my process was one of trial and error with many revisions.



Where Can I Get a Copy?

Both the  paper-back version and the ebook are available at major book sellers:

I'm hoping that you'll not only read my book but you'll give it to the children in your life. It would be wonderful if after reading it, you'd write a little review on the site where you bought it and 'like' it. 


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