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Peter Poppin and the 
Lost Emerald


A young teenager (Peter Poppin) is injured, losing the sight in his right eye while trying to extricate a piece of driftwood he wants to use to carve a mermaid for his mother’s birthday. As Peter struggles with his sightloss, an eagle mysteriously becomes his protector and guide.


Befriending a local native-American boy, Peter learns that a Shaman can restore his sight. The ceremony results in his sight being restored, but the price Peter pays for this “gift” is vision into the past. As the eagle continues to protect him, Peter reveals that he discovered a rare jewel—an emerald—part of a priate’s booty. Peter vows to return the jewel to its rightful owner, but two odd newcomes to his village pose a threat.


Peter discovers that the two men are part of the original pirate band who stole the jewel. Peter believes the pirates will try to steal the jewel before it can be returned to its owner. He and his teacher, Miss Prim, and best friend Marian, dog Patches, and native-American friend Ahmik devise a plan to thwart the theft. What results is a miracle. The would-be thieves have a change of heart. Peter and the townspeople accept them into the village. Contrition for past wrongdoings and forgiveness rule.  

No Cage for Me - Final Renders - Front C
No Cage for Me! I'm Free!


No Cage for Me! I’m Free! is the true story of Tessa, the smallest of six puppies. And like every good pup, Tessa dreams of being chosen! That would mean new owners, a new home, and a new life – away from her milk-stealing brothers.


Big and noisy, her brothers are quickly selected for good homes. But shockingly, Tessa is sold to the mean owner of an avocado ranch who abuses her! 


Tessa, being a very clever dog, soon escapes, but in town, the dog catcher picks her up, tosses her into the back of his truck and takes her to an Airedale rescue where she waits and waits to be adopted.


Eventually, a sweet couple comes to the rescue in a shiny red car. They check out all the puppies and finally find just the right one. Tessa likes them too and thinks she’s found her forever home.

Dark Sky copy.jpg
Steps, Sidesteps and Missteps
A Life Journey


J.R. Hafner’s life journey to successful author took many twists and turns.

The path led to self- awareness and self-fulfillment— but it wasn’t always so. Learn how one woman faced trials head on, conquered challenges, and learned invaluable life lessons.


“Every event takes us along a path. It may not be the original path, but it, nevertheless, is a path.”


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