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Front Cover PP_Ebook Cover for IngramSpa

Peter Poppin &

         the Lost Emerald


At the bottom of a treacherous cliff lies a hidden beach. One with tales of treasure, pirates and sunken ships. With his mother's birthday only ten days away Peter decides that a woodcarving will make the perfect present. He'll need the very best driftwood.

While there, a sudden accident leaves Peter blinded in one eye. With doctors unable to help, Peter and his best friend Marian travel to a local Shaman who gifts him a magical new eye. But all magic has a price. Able to see into the past, he must solve the mystery of a great shipwreck and return the lost treasure to its rightful owner.

Follow Peter, Marian, and his trusted dog, Patches as they navigate obstacles of all shapes and sizes. From friendships and bullying, to pirates and giant eagles, their journey inspires us all to overcome fear and embrace destiny.

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The book trailer created by Sarah Faxon at S.Faxon Productions will get you in the mood for Peter's adventure. 

This coming-of-age story unfolds with gritty self-assurance that is associated with skilled authorship. Readers feel very much immersed with Peter’s life and dilemmas. The mystery of what lies ahead is intriguing and profound.” 

             San Diego Writers Editors Guild Manuscript Evaluator


A young boy faces a devastating injury, embraces a miracle recovery, and undergoes a life-changing experience that shapes his character. A heartwarming tale of grit and courage. Superbly written. A beautiful story for young and old.

            M.Lee Buompensiero - Award-winning author of Summerland

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